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6 reasons why people need Instagram: pampering or necessity? Фев 06

6 reasons why people need Instagram: pampering or necessity?«What a stupid business and a waste of time!» — most people think when they hear about Instagram. And really, why do people need Instagram? For what purpose do they systematically upload photos to this social network and what do they expect from the account? Do they just have nothing to do or are they planning to show off their own lives? 6 main reasons why people create an account and have an Instagram. Perhaps after reading and you would like to register in this American social photo network?

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What is Instagram — what is it famous for and why is it needed
Instagram is an application for sharing photos and videos. Regardless of the presence of real friends on the network, Instagram allows you to «show» personal pictures to a wide range of readers from all over the world. Or view thousands of photos from different users.

The advanced search option «works» thanks to the hashtags that are indicated under the photo. By clicking on the hashtag, a lot of similar photos come up with a unifying word. Remarkably, the photos will be collected from all over the world. So, in a second you can drop in at a party in China, be in the Alps with famous travelers, or get into the kitchen of a housewife from Saransk.

Quite interesting, only, the question remained open: why do people post their pictures on Instagram for others to see?

Reason # 1 — ostentatious

Perhaps the most banal and common reason for posting a photo on Instagram is an irresistible desire to put your life on display. Individuals who want to be watched and liked often put themselves above themselves and consider their lives much more successful than most. Counting pleasant comments and «hearts» — they revel in their own success, over and over again adding colorful photos.

Surprisingly, according to psychologists, such «bragging» helps psychologically: it maintains an acceptable level of self-esteem, develops a dense psychological wall from possible attacks and criticism of others.

Reason # 2 — Exceptional Earnings

For many it will be a revelation, but by keeping Instagram you can earn a decent amount, sometimes reaching the cost of a one-room apartment. Yes, you heard right, Instagram is a kind of business, and the owner is nothing more than its owner, doing everything to increase the number of «clients».

How it works? The first step is to create an account with a well-thought-out history. Further, according to the plan, photos are laid out, enticing users to visit the page.

As a rule, some tricks and tricks are used to promote an account.

If the promotion is crowned with success, users who want to constantly monitor the owner’s life subscribe to the account. Where there are visitors, there is advertising. Noticing a «promoted» account on Instagram, advertisers willingly offer money for advertising their products. Moreover, the more subscribers, the higher the cost.

The highest paid Instagram in Russia is with the famous TV presenter Olga Buzova. Olga is ready to advertise a product or service for $ 6,000-10,000, depending on the complexity of the advertising post implementation.

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